Life Is Short /1

22nd May 2010

Venue: Screen 1

Time: 4.45-5.45 pm

Length: 1 hour

The first of no less than four shows of intriguing, mysterious, amusing and thought provoking shorts from 10 years of Film Production at UCLan. This installment contains some old time favourites of ours like ‘A Circadian Oddity” by Jamie Williams and the more contemporary and supercute ‘Next Door but One’ by Chris Higgins.

Vacant, Dir. Richard Parkinson, 5’12”
An opportunist tramp, an empty house, an open window, the rest as they say is history...
...not so in this play on perception with a twist.

The Story of the Green Cat, Dir. Sofia Hericson, 5’48”
A psychedelic journey into a strange world based on Freudian dream analysis, featuring, well, a green cat...

Search for the 4th Dimension, Dir. Heilike Vosu, 9’50”
This beautifully misleading tale plays on our desires and unfulfilled searches.... can’t always get what you want....

A Circadian Oddity, Dir Jamie Williams, 8’01”
Time advances in unpredictable, unmeasurable units, and our protagonist gets a first hand experience of what happens when circadian rhythm skip a beat.

Did I Wake You?, Dir. Daniel Hutton, 4’56”
A sweet and unsettling short about how to get a peaceful night’s sleep.

4 Letter Dirty Word, Dir. Karl Mortimer, 18’02”
He just about had enough, stress, drama, ill health and ill fortune gathered to literally knock this man's life into oblivion. Starring Coronation Street’s Chris Finch

Next Door But One, Dir. Chris Higgins, 9’47”
Ocean 11 with three kids in the back garden of an grumpy old sod...



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