Life Is Real

22nd May 2010

Venue: Screen 1

Time: 3.30-4.30 pm

Length: 1 hour

Two dedicated shows of documentary student films, amongst them award winning films like ‘Footprints and Photographs’ by Kevin Mahy and Bloomsbury Cellarmen by Mark Gill. This selection features some of the most innovative and creative documentaries made over the last 10 years.

Footprints and Photographs, Dir. Kevin Mahy, 7’
A documentary around urban exploration, the explorers motivation and their rewards. RTS award winner!

Vets, Dir. Will Ormerod, 6’19”
A close look at what goes on in a vets practice. Observed with empathy and style, this film has all the drama, happiness and sadness without the genre trappings.

The Lowry Legacy, Dir. Dan Croft, 14’12”
A well researched piece into the lasting legacy of Salford’s own painter on current artists and curators....

Bloomsbury Cellarmen, Dir. Mark Gill, 6’07”
Another RTS award winner about a group of musicians whose passion for their music defies their advancing age.

Pool with a View, Dir. Suzie Bunn, 9’57”
A view at a pool for the frail, elderly and disabled, their passionate staff and the role it plays in the community.

Feet, Dir. Victor Ivanov, 1’57”
A short, philosophical look at walking, the next step and the preceeding one...

Joseph of the South, Dir. Lewis Smith & , 6’08”
A brilliant homage to ‘Nanook of the North’ with a broad smile.



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