Life is Scary

22nd May 2010

Venue: Screen 2

Time: 3-4 pm

Length: 1 hour

A very special selection of films from the dark side of life, including the all time favourite ‘Mind Find’ by Chris Richardson and the chilling ‘Into the Dark’ by Steve Clarke amongst other bizarre and scary shorts. A must see for the friends of the horror genre.

Perpetual, Dir. Wayne Walsh, 10’
A dark story around the theme of lucid dreaming and perpetual states of drifting in and out of reality.

Experior, Dir. Kyle Shephard, 10’
This weird short borders on sci-fi and horror and tells its story with chilling suspense.

Kibroth Hattavah, Dir. Ian Armer, 8’57”
A gruesome tale of cat and mouse in one man’s mind, driven by never ending grief for a lost child...

Into the Dark, Dir. Steven Clarke, 11’58”
Dark and twisted, the main protagonist descends into the mad depth of his own gruesome obsession....and no, it’s not feeding the ducks.

Mind Find, Dir. Chris Richardson, 15’03”
A UCLan Classic, a paranormal investigator gets called out for one last job before retirement, with unexpected consequences.



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