Life is Funny

22nd May 2010

Venue: Screen 1

Time: 2-3 pm

Length: 1 hour

The first of two hilarious shows of retrospective and current comedy shorts, featuring amongst others, the fabulous ‘HIV the Musical’ by Joe Patrick starring them blokes from’t office n boosh, the award winning ‘The Good the Bad and the Chorley’ by Krystal Gault, plus the side splitting ‘Stand and Deliver’ by Ian Bell.

HIV the Musical, Dir. Joe Patrick, 11’32”
Martin Freeman (The Office) and Julian Barrat (The Mighty Boosh) star in this marvellous comedy of art vs. commercialism...

Stand and Deliver, Dir. Ian Bell, 6’47”
Monty Python meets Jethro Tull in this rather strange musical.....

31 to Savick, Dir. James Powdrill, 7’30”
Ever wondered why no one uses the bus stop outside your house,
well, the director of this film did the research....

The Good the Bad & the Chorley, Dir. Krystal Gault, 15’14”
The award winning and stupendously comical homage to Leone and Morricone, beautifully transported to Britain's Northwest.

The Mole, Dir. Jamie Jenkinson, 5’11”
Three captives on the run, about to make the final hurdle, but what if one of them is a mole?

The Music Scene in Leeds, Dir. Andy Dykes, 12’18”
An in-depth look at the under-represented music scene in Leeds,
with some of their most talented artists under the mockumentary microscope.

Trolleyed, Dir. James Powdrill, 7’12”
Two heroes getting ‘trolleyed’ to save the world by broadcasting a message from the BBC in Hull.....ridiculously entertaining...a must see...

Incorrectly Political, Dir. Kyle Shepard, 4’50”
This is not ‘black humour’, honestly... just the most crinch-worthy attempt at political correctness.



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