Life Is Short /2

22nd May 2010

Venue: Screen 1

Time: 6-7pm

Length: 1 hour

More student shorts spanning 10 years, with the remarkable ‘Lost’ by John Sprott, the amazingly realised ‘One True Light’ by Harvey Parkes and the gentle and entertaining ‘Thud’ by Anthony Camm..... another beautiful cross section celebrating the high quality of student film making at UCLan Film Production.

Bullet Wound, Dir. Phil Meacham, 10’23”
Director Phil Meacham shows off his directorial and cinematography muscle in this hard hitting short TV drama, undistinguishable from big budget crime drama on our screens right now, a brilliant piece of work.

Ego, Dir. Jamie Williams, 5’49”
Another classic tale from the director of ‘ACircadian Oddity’, Ego dips into the subconscious battle of will and fate, with dazzling results...

One True Light, Dir. Harvey Parkes, 18’04”
A high flying business women gets trapped in a lift in her office block late at night, the only companion, the creepy security guard at the other end of the intercom....
a story of ambiguity and compassion.

Arbot, Dir. Jodie Lawson, 6’07”
This animated sci-fi tale involves the gift of a dying inventor to his loyal friend a robot...

Lost, Dir. John Sprott, 10’23”
The title is the theme, a young man wakes up on top of a hill in the country side with strange markings all over his body, he embarks on a search for something he doesn’t understand....

Thud, Dir. Anthony Camm, 6’12”
A small boy hears the step of a giant approaching and prepares for battle, only, the giant is much closer than he thinks...



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